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I want to keep you informed of grants and services, delivered by the Morrison Government, which can help your business grow.

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We will deliver our plan

While there are challenges ahead, Australia’s economy is strong.

A stronger economy means we can deliver on our plan to:

  1. Create 1.25 million more jobs over the next five years.

  2. Maintain budget surpluses and pay down Labor’s debt.

  3. Deliver tax relief for small businesses and families.

  4. Guarantee increased investments for schools, hospitals and roads.

  5. Take action on climate change and protect the environment.

There is more to do and now is not the time to turn back.

With your support, we will keep working to build our economy and secure your future. 


Tim’s Record

Since first being elected in 2016, Tim has stayed true to his commitment to a forward-looking, modern liberal Australia. He has stood for a strong economy, lower taxes and retirement security. Tim has taken a stand for greater justice, better community life and protecting our precious environment.

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